Teaching in Birmingham; what do employers look for?

Teaching is a fulfilling profession. A teacher is expected to exhibit some basic qualities that are fundamental to the profession. The personal qualities are not enough to land you teaching jobs in Birmingham. The recruiter or employer usually posts minimum requirements that an applicant should meet. Employers of teaching jobs in Birmingham expect an applicant to have these basic qualities, in addition to the necessary training, certification, and experience. We have put together the basic requirements of teaching jobs to make your job search easier and more fruitful. The requirements are divided into training, certification, and personal qualities.


Schools in the UK advertise for teaching jobs and include some basic training qualifications. There are many institutions that train teachers and teaching assistants. The basic requirement is that the training institution should be accredited and recognized by the relevant authorities.

In the UK, the British Accreditation Council is concerned with regulating institutions of higher learning and teacher training colleges in the UK and around the world. An employer might check the accreditation of your training institution using BAC and related institutions.

Certification and experience

There are many levels that grade teachers depending on the training that they went through, and the level of experience in the field. Most Birmingham employers specify the qualification they want. For example, QTS (Quality Teacher Status) is a requirement in most of Europe for teachers who work in state-owned institutions. Some employers also recognize NQT (Newly Qualified Teacher) certification.

Characteristics of a good teacher

You should always strive to be the best in your career. A teacher should have the following basic characteristics:

  • The ability to work in a team and promote teamwork among the students
  • Exhibit quality organizational skills
  • Be an efficient communicator with fellow teachers and students as well
  • Have an excellent command of language, and be great in expressing yourself in writing

ยท Understand the needs of students, and be able to work well with them.