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“Imagination Is More Important Than Knowledge – Einstein"

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Secret Code of Memory

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2003 United States Teacher of the Year JOHN TAYLOR GATTO


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80% of Students shut down from Math when they hit Algebra I and they feel like failures ending their math potential. How would you like to buy a math home study course and it can teach a 5 year old Algebra I, Algebra II, and Trigonometry all in 6 weeks?

All of Math is based on 10 digits = 0-9. Digit means finger. How many fingers do you have = 10 digits? Kids naturally count on their fingers.

In Ancient Schooling a child learned the alphabet A-Z then backwards Z-A. The majority of adults can't say the alphabet backwards, try it right now and prove me wrong? How would you like to buy a simple poster with images to match the alphabet to teach your kids the A,B,Cs? Kids & adults remember far more based on images seen.

"FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions & Answers"

Article on frequently asked questions and answers.
By Robert Reuter, BS   &
Publisher of Imagine Health, Wealth & Whole Food Wisdom TM Newsletter

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Welcome to the the continuing education home school research learning center for students, parents and teachers offering unique self help home study courses.

How come when I click on the Products Tab it's under Construction?
That's because Don Tolman just created his new company in April 2005 and the products are not ready for another 2-4 weeks. This is truly an opportunity of a lifetime to get involved with a company at ground zero when the products are not even ready. How lucky can a person get?

How can I buy Products for The Secret Code of Learning & Memory?
You can buy products in 2 ways?
1. Retail Price
2. Wholesale Price

How can I buy Products at Wholesale Prices?
You become a distributor, It's Free to join, You fill out a simple online application and you will receive a Free website instantly with your name and ID number. Once your a distributor just place an order at your own website for yourself at wholesale prices.
Once I have my Free Website What Am I Suppose To Do Next?
It depends on your motivation if you wanted to become a distributor just to buy products for yourself at wholesale prices or if you want to build your home based business. If you want to build your business than start telling all your friends to go your new website and tell them to sign up for their own Free Website. If you signed up 10 distributors who signed up 10 distribtutors who signed up 10 distributors you would have 1,000 distributors working for you. Network marketing grows mathematically and exponentially because you are duplicating your efforts using basic math principles applied to business.

Who is Don Tolman I never heard of this Dude?
Don Tolman is a world Renowned Photographic Memory expert who has written 22 books. Don is known as the ancient wisdom researcher who teaches you ancient secrets that have not been taught in the current education system. Don has spoken to more than 1,000 audiences in all 50 states and in 7 foreign countries. His media credits include more than 50 radio and TV talk show appearance per year. He has been a return guest on the Donahue Show, Entertainment Tonight, ABC Talk Radio, and he’s a regular guest on the Aware Show in Los Angeles, CA, as well as many newspapers & magazines. His real passion is creating applied technique curriculums of accelerated academics for children. Did you know Don Tolman spent 17 years searching for Daniels Diet in the Old Testament, flew over 3 million miles and finally discovered what daniel ate and created two companys based on this diet and wrote a book called The Quest. Don has stepped away from his 2 other companys to focus 100% of his intention on his newest company. To learn more about the Discovery go to click the green join now button for your free website. To learn more about don go to and click on the Book Dream Team

Will I be able to buy stock in Dons new company?
Yes, Investment Bankers will be issuing stock with Nasdq in about 60 days. The investment bankers are projecting a billion dollar company with all the contracts Don has with other corporations. Did you know Leapfrog corporation one of the largest education companies in the world is designing a hand held laptop for Dons new company that will have a 3,000 word vocabulary for learning a foreign language?

How can I sponsor a seminar in my home town and have Don Tolman World Renowned Photographic Memory Expert teach a Free 4 hour Brain Training?
Don said if you can get 75-100 confirmed adults/teachers to come to a seminar he will be more than happy to come to your city to conduct a Free 4 hour brain training. As long as 75 confirmed adults show up. Don does not care if the older kids want to come to the training. In other words you can have 200 guests as long as 75 are confirmed adults. Who ever sponsors that seminar; all guests who become distributors will get sponsored by that seminar host. Just contact Robert Reuter at 931-474-2229 to set up the seminar.

What kind of Home School Home Study Products will Don have? The products are not ready but this is what’s coming out? Never Before Seen Accelerated Academic Books & Course Materials You Will Find No Where Else In The World? These are the kind of products that will be introducing to the world, unique products.
1. Secret code of memory & learning
2. The vision of memory
3. The 3 infinities Book - the art & science of study
4. Crack the secret code - ancient tree of knowledge cut a tree in 1/2 and put images on the tree to teach students
5. Mnemosyne - Vol I & II , goddess of memory
6. FOFFTTO - Memorize lists of 100, 1000, pieces of data in 14 mins
7. Gardenopoly - like monopoly but for memory brain building, eat at McDonalds Go To Jail?
8. Body Language- a map 6'x9' you put on ground like twister game, hop on map, sign language, alphabets
9. FDR - an 800 page all natural healing book = Farmacy desk refernce manuel VS the PDR that medical doctors use, this is going to be a great book Don said like bringing the info back that was destroyed in the Destruction of the alexandrian library in egypt, greatest library in stone was destroyed
10. Math course - teaching kids at age 5, algebra I-II & trigonometry in 6 weeks
11. Posters- preschool with alphabet w/images to they can learn A-Z and backwards Z-A in 6 weeks only one hour per week practice
12. Foreign language course/tools - Don has some contract with Leap Frog to design a hand held laptop/palm pilot to have a 3,000 word vocablulary
13. Don has more Secret Products Up His Sleeve???

I heard about an amazing brand new teaching poster with images to match the alphabet?
Yes, Don has created a poster with images teaching a child their A,B,C's and with only one hour per week practice and in six weeks that child will be able to recite the alphabet A-Z and backwards Z-A. Most adults cant do it backward? Prove me wrong and try it out loud right now so we can all get a good laugh?

How would you like to be a Home School Tutorz and make $1,200 for 6 hours work?
You will teach a group of 20 preschoolers at your home their A,B,C's with this new amazing poster. You will charge $60 per child for a six week private tutorz lesson in your home or church. You will teach only one hour per week for 6 weeks. 20 students x $60 = $1,200 extra income per month for 6 hours of private lessons. All the kids will be able to recite their A,B,C's A-Z and backwards Z-A. The parents will love you plus they will buy the poster for the child to have at home as a memory aid. The parents will then want to buy all your other accelerated home school courses.

How would you like to Learn Alegebra I & II & Trigonometry in 6 weeks?
Don has an accelerated math home school study course that your going to love and your 5 year old child will be able to learn these techniques, never before seen?

I still have some questions who do I call?
Call Robert Reuter, BS at work 931-474-2229 best to call 8-noon m-f, cst
email =
Robert Reuter
611 Red Road
McMinnville, TN 37110

"Don Tolman is the smartest person I ever met in this World and I personally know many Medical Doctors some of which are Harvard Medical Doctor Graduates and In my Opinion Not one even comes close to Don Tolmans Ancient Wisdom of Knowledge. If you ever have an opportunity to attend a seminar by Don Tolman run to that seminar, or buy any of his books or home study courses, because your life will change forever. Your mind will never think the same again. Don teaches you the Secret Techniques that the Brightest Minds in Ancient History used like Einstein, Newton & Pythorgas. If you offered me a Free 4 year scholarship to Harvard Medical School or the chance to be taught for only one year by Don Tolman and I had to pay for that one year, I would choose to be taught by Don Tolman.            
Robert Reuter, BS
Black Belt Karate Age 16, Black Belt TKD Age 19, Brown Belt Aikido"

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Did you know that nearly 70 percent of students attending four-year schools pay less than $8,000 per year for tuition and fees? What's a few hundred dollars in home study courses if you can recall data 1600 times faster, read at the speed of sight, math home study course teaching you algebra I & II & trigonometry in 6 weeks, Posters for preschoolers teaching the alphabet A-Z and Z-A in 6 weeks, and those attending college will blow right thru your college classes with straight A's? No college course is designed to teach you these secret learning methods, your going to have to learn them on your at your home school.

Don't Wait Another Moment! Recall Data 1600 Times Faster, Learn Foreign Language Vocabularian In 24 Hours Now!

If you want to buy these Home School Home Study courses click here. Note: the company is brand new April 2005 and the products will be ready in about 2-3 weeks, in the mean time get your Free website by clicking green join now book.

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2003 United States Teacher of the Year JOHN TAYLOR GATTO

FREE Website For Secret Code of Memory & Learning Course, Click Here then Click on Green Button Join Now

Newton in photo above and Einstein both knew the Secret Code of Memory & Learning. How would you like to learn the Secret Code of Memory?

7 Divinci Principles? Divinci could write with both hands at the same time inwards to make sentances? Divinci learned his secrets from Great Mathmatician Pythorgas? In order to enter the University of Pythorgas In England, the entrance qualification was to fast for 40 days before the ancient secrets were begun to be taught? Alls you have to do is click on the Green Button Join Now and get a Free Website and you can buy all the Secret Code of Memory & Learning Home School Home Study Courses at Wholesale Prices

Crack The Secret Code? The Ancient Tree of Knowledge was to cut a tree in half and put images on the tree to teach students?

The current method of learning is based on the Catholic Rote Learning of repeating & chanting? Fact 70% of Rote Learning will be forgotton in 24 hours to the conscious mind and educational scientist knew this for one century now? Test over guess what new test next week, guess what you forgot what was on the last test? Learning with these obsolete techniques is like using a slide ruler when you could be using the Fastest Intel Pentium Computer Chip? What Student is going to do better?

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