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"What if NSA Intelligence Knew Exactly Where Bin Laden Was and Every Move He Makes, But It Was More Important To Catch His Entire Network Of Radical Terrorists Than Just Bin Laden? "

Article on U.S. Intelligence Community Members; How to get a Free Education Paid for by The National Security Agency (NSA)

By Robert Reuter, BS   &
Publisher of Imagine Health, Wealth & Whole Food Wisdom TM Newsletter

This article will give students a little background about the most powerful government community members and to encourage a student to pursue a career in the civilian field. Right now there is a shortage of intelligence field officers world wide.

Imagine working at the most prestigious Intelligence Network called the NSA or National Security Agency. As an employee of the NSA you would use the most sophisticated tools available and over-the-horizon technologies that won’t come into commercial mainstream use for many years.

Imagine a network so powerful they are watching every move you make on the internet

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Imagine a Network of Intelligence that would make Spider Man’s web look like the Joker from Batman. Imagine a network so powerful they are watching every move you make on the internet, every website you visit, every click you make in secret but they know exactly what your doing and you think your doing every thing online in secret?

Welcome to the World of US Intelligence Community Members;

Central Intelligence Agency

Defense Intelligence Agency

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Marine Corps Intelligence

National Geospatial - Intelligence Agency

National Reconnaissance Office Intelligence

National Security Agency Intelligence(NSA)

Office of Naval Intelligence

U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigation Intelligence

U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command

U.S. Coast Guard Intelligence

U.S. Department of Energy Intelligence

U.S. Department of Homeland Security Intelligence

U.S. Department of State Intelligence

U.S. Treasury Department Intelligence

The 911 attacks on the twin towers in New York and Pentagon has changed the U.S. Intelligence community forever. Never before has an organization penetrated the USA borders in such a large scale coordinated attack.

Some say the attacks caught the intelligence community off guard in the defensive position instead of the offensive position that is required for any intelligence community members.

Who Else Wants To Be James Bond 007 Working At The NSA Using The Latest Secret Weapons But Remaining Hidden Like The Samurai Ninja Assassin

The new war on terror declared by President George Bush has created an umbrella organization called the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

As a result of this new Presidential order we must rebuild and strengthen our intelligence network not only here in the USA but globally to fight the war on terror.

Ask any military intelligence expert and he will tell you they need more intelligence field officers. Somebody who can extract information immediately from the streets and communities in order to catch these moving terrorists in real time.

The greatest demand right now in the intelligence community is a person who can speak multiple foreign languages so they can blend in any environment.

The largest security agency is the National Security Agency and they need intelligence officers right now and are willing to pay for your undergraduate college degree if you qualify.

Below is information taken from their website to offer you a continuing education of intelligence found no where else in the world. For more details on qualifying for a Free Scholarship visit Click here to Learn More About The Intelligence Agency NSA.Gov

Who Else Wants To Play XBOX with Bill Gates 5 Years Before The Public Even Knew it Existed. Working At NSA is Like Learning The Secret Code Of Memory.

If you are a student majoring in Electrical or Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, or Biotechnology, and a United States citizen, you can receive tuition assistance while you work on our exciting challenging problems. In addition, we offer special exchange programs for visiting professors and industry experts.

We need you. Here, you’ll make a difference.

NSA Undergraduate Scholarship/Graduate Fellowship Program To ensure NSA's continued technical and managerial growth, NSA awards a limited number of full-time mission-related undergraduate scholarships and graduate fellowships annually. The selected NSA employees receive full tuition, salary, and time off to attend a full-time degree program at a local college or university. You must earn a B average or above.

Academic Partnerships To further enhance your professional development, NSA offers a variety of specialized academic programs in partnership with such notable institutions as the Joint Military Intelligence College (JMIC), the Naval Post Graduate School, the National Defense University, and the National War Colleges. These programs provide tuition-free courses of study leading to undergraduate and graduate degrees in areas directly related to intelligence studies. Students may participate in on-location programs or in special sessions available directly on the NSA campus.

Skills Enhancement Recruitment Incentive Program (SERIP) New civilian employees in the mathematics, computer science, and engineering career fields may be eligible to participate in the SERIP graduate/post-graduate, full-time training program at local accredited colleges and universities. SERIP participants receive full tuition for mission-related courses, associated lab fees, salary, and paid duty time to attend up to two semesters of mission-related advanced degree or post-doctoral study in a full-time degree program.

National Cryptologic School (NCS) NSA operates its own educational institution known as the National Cryptologic School (NCS), which offers a wide range of courses to facilitate your personal career growth. NCS consists of four teaching departments responsible for designing, developing, and delivering curriculum in a wide variety of technical, administrative, and managerial areas. NCS courses can be delivered via advanced technology and computer-based methods, as well as in the traditional classroom setting.

Working At NSA is Like Sitting Next To The Person With The Most Intelligence In The World Who Is Showing You All The Answers To The Test.

Never in the history of the world has their been such a demand for intelligence experts who can speak multiple foreign languages.

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There is no Greater Wealth Than Health!

Copyright© Robert Reuter, BS November 2004

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