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"New Research Toolbox...Do You Make These Research Mistakes Without The Right Tools... I Love This Page!... Right Click on Monitor and Instantly Create a Shortcut... Do It Now!"

Article New Research Toolbox Will Instantly Help You Save Time, Do You Have The Right Tools?
By Robert Reuter, BS   &
Publisher of Imagine Health, Wealth & Whole Food Wisdom TM Newsletter

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When researching a project for an article you instantly need to have research links located in one location to save you time. You could have all these links in your favorites folder but trying to find them when your in a hurry will be another research project just looking for your favorite website.

So to solve this problem I created a one page research toolbox so I can instantly have the right tool for the right job making the research fast, fun, and easy. This helped me with my research so much I decided to share this with you and I hope you tell all your friends about this favorite research toolbox.

I hope you will take the time and spend less than one minute and right click on your monitor and create a shortcut to your desktop. You will see the coolest looking I-eye trademark logo on your desktop and you can then have access to this research toolbox instantly saving you precious time.

The Irresistible Research Toolbox

Time Zones & World Time Research
The Official U.S. Time
The Time Zone Converter World Time
USA 3 Digit Phone Area Codes
Internet Research
Way Back Machine, 40 billion web pages archived from 1996 digital library
Google Sitemap
Google Toolbar Rare Designed By Google Researcher Than Yanked Because of Similarity to Mac OS Toolbar
Google Suggest Toolbar, Like Your Married and It Finishes Your Sentances With Key Word Phrases
Answers Any Questions On Terms or Words And Gives Answers Example: Type in Word Blog
Handy online research tool with multiple language tools.
Parent Coaching Research
Sometimes Parents Need Coaches, Difficult Teens Don't Know What To Do?
Maps for Travel Research
The Best US Map Showing Every School In the USA & Department of Education & Official State Website - The Best Online Map - Find millions of places: airports, hotels, post offices, restaurants, schools, theaters and more.
Weather Research - Connecting You to World of Weather - Most comprehensive weather on Internet. - The Weather Channel - National Hurricane Center
Home Schooling Research
Home Schooling Lots of Helpful Links
Who Is Source
Godaddy Look Up Any Domain Name on The Internet
Who Is Source - Look Up Any Domain Name on The Internet
Articles Research
10 Million Articles
Best Technical Papers
Ezine Articles
Go Articles
History Research
The History Channel
Dictionaries Research -The Best Of The Best, All Specialties - Theology Dictionary Merriam-Webster Online The webs favorite learner dictionaries Educational Dictionary-Thesaurus , Children’s - International Dictionaries online Legal Dictionary - College Slang-YO Mama - Greek-English Dictionary - Human & Animal vision, visual neuroscience - Humanities, Tons of Dictionary’s & Links - Over 357,000 acronyms & abbreviations listed

One of The Best Research Tools I Use Is Called Search Automator Software Research Breakthrough Tool and Watch A Free Video Click Here

Encyclopedias Research - One of my favorites, The Free Encyclopedia - Encyclopedia Britannica
Libraries Research - research collections for libraries - National Library Catalogues Worldwide - The Library of Congress - Smithsonian Institution Libraries - The Vatican Library of Rome - Ancient Sacred Texts, Ancient bibles, I love it 7200 pages From Libraries, 125 Countries - US National Archives & Records Administration - National Institute of Standards & Technology - National Library of Medicine - National Library of Agriculture - New York Library Association - Music Library Association - Center for research libraries Chicago - American Association of Law Libraries - K-12 school libraries USA & in countries around the world - LSU Federal Agency’s Directories - Network of School Librarian Web Pages - The Museums, Libraries and Archives Council
College University Libraries Research - MIT students team up with Google Scholar Searches - Harvard University Library - Yale University Library - Stanford University Library - University of Chicago Library - University of Utah Library - Princeton University Library – Home of Albert Einstein - Princeton University Library Albert Einstein Archives - The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Colleges & Universities Research
List of Colleges
Book Reports & Termpapers Research
Free Online Study Guids
Cliff Notes The Complete Series
Medical Research - Medical Dictionary
Human Anatomy Images
DNA of humans and other species National Academy of Sciences
CDC Center For Disease Control
CDC Center For Disease Control Science Ambassadors, Alcohol, Birth Defects, Cystic Fibrosis
Language & Linguistics Research
Examines the mental and physical aspects of speech, why foreign speakers pronounce words differently from native speakers, how we learn language
Foreign Language Dictionary Research - English To French, Italian, Spanish - Amazing selection, Foreign Languages

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Congress Research
Congress Research
Teachers Research
Calculator Research - "calculate anything anywhere"
Mind Research
Computers Research
Identity Research
FBI Top 10 Most Wanted
Americas Most Wanted Terrorists
Missing Children Research - Let's Keep Our Kids Safe - Nation Center For Missing Children
National Alert Registry For Sex Offenders by Zip Code - Americas Most Wanted - FREE Sex Offender Search - Research Public Records
Internet Research - world of Internet "geek-talk", buzzwords and acronyms - News for Nerds
Food Research - New 2005 USDA Food Pyramid
USA Government Research - The White House - The Oval Office of The President - The Office Of The First Lady - The White House For Kids - The Federal Reserve Banking System
Constitution Toolkit includes images of newspaper articles (1787)
Constitution Resources

What If Your College Professor Required a Research Report and You Had Software None of The Students Had? Who Do You Think Will Get The Highest Grade on Their Research Project?Research Report Breakthrough Tool-Watch A Free Video -Click Here

Intelligence Agency/Security Research – Warning Sections Have Restricted Access - US Dept of Defense Intelligence - NSA Central Security Service Intelligence - CIA Intelligence Israeli Intelligence Mossad - Global Intelligence - FBI Intelligence - Military Intelligence - Defense Intelligence - Dept of Homeland Security Intelligence - Office of The National Counter Intelligence - U.S. Intelligence Community Members
USA Military Research - The US Navy - The US Marines - The US Army - The US Air Force - The US Coast Guard - The US Pentagon
Naval Special Warfare Research
The US Navy Seals The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday
The US Navy Seals Special Warfare Command
Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewman
Naval Special Warfare Command
Leap Frogs Parachute Team
Naval Special Warfare Quarterdeck
SuperFrog Triathlon
USA Special Forces Research - The US Special Forces Directory 10,415 Military and Government Web Sites
National Parks Research
Reasearch National Parks Archeology Program
Science & Technology Research
Current Science & Technology Center, SEPA & NIH
Popular Science - MIT Technology Review Research Europe’s Leading Resource - Science for unit conversion, periodic table, calculators - Minerals & gemstones, educational guide to colors
Nanotechnology, Exloring The Nanoworld
The Center For Innovation in Engineering & Science Education
Physics National Science Foundation
Physics Education Technology
Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History Featuring Dinosaurs
American Museum of Natural History Featuring Dinosaurs, Ancient Fossils, New Discoveries
Sitemap For Astronomy Resources
Sitemap For Physics Resources

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Math Research - The Webs Most Extensive Mathematics Research
Music Research - Glossaries
Sports Research
Search Engine News & Research
Jobs Research
Software Research
Academic Consultation Research - Academic consultations Pre K – 10yr old
Test Prep Research - Worlds largest private testing & leader educational research
Tons of Business Links here Research
Archaeological Research
Tons of Archaeological Links, Especially Ancient Egyptian Research
Digital Egypt-Fantastic resource for bibliographies of all periods, images, site maps, tomb plans
Ancient Scripts - Has good links for finding fonts and other ancient language info.
Catholic Encyclopedia - The Great Alexandrian Library
Worlds Largest Family History Library, Genealogy Tree Look Up Your Family Research
The Oldest & Largest Genealogy Site
Networking & Clustering Tools Research - great search engine results by clusters & topics
Higher Education Grants Research
Coolest Site of The Year Award Research
Cool Site of The Year Award
Kids Stuff & Games Research
Fun Brain Games, 25 Arcade games - lots of fun games for kids - Rock, scissors, paper game, Rock On - Fun wonders of science, math and space
Ask Jeeves For Kids
Discovery Kids
Games, chat rooms, Top 10 Games for kids
The Yuckiest Site on The Internet
Major League Baseball Trivia Skills Research - Over 110,000 pages of baseball facts, find ballparks seating
Web Design Research
Free Fonts & Tutorials Photoshop & Quarkexpress
Type Tester Compare Font Styles Side By Side While Typing For The Best Term Paper Design
Time Magazine 50 Coolest Websites 2005
PC World 30 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do On The Internet
Hire A Programmer Research
Hire a computer programmer and get bids here
Outsource your project and get bids
Freelance Talent
How To Blog & Blogging Research
So You Want To Be A Blogger Article Time Magazine
Technology Blog
Streamload Video, MP3s, Digital Phots, Email
Blog At Speed of Light, Blog Tool Resides on Your Desktop, Free 1 MB Storage Blog Hosting
Audio, Video, Podcasting Web Hosting
PC World Research
30 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do On The Internet
Microsfsoft Tech Support For Free In Forums Post Your Questions Instead of Paying $35
Music Research
Music On Demand Any Where Just Call # Get Song You Heard On Radio For $1
Publishing Research
Publish Your Book
Internet Affiliate Research
Make Money As An Affiliate With Your Website or Blog
Choose From 100's of Affiliate Programs With Your Website or Blog
Clickbank one of the largest affiliate sites
Anonymous Email Messaging Tell The Truth In Secret Research
Your Boss Has Donkey Bad Breath or Your Supervisor Has Big Ego? Send Him An Email or Text Message & Pop That Ego, or suggest Tic Tacs

I’m Proud to Be An American and We Support Our Troops In Iraq Who Are Fighting For Freedom! The Freedom of Expression, The Freedom To Learn, Education, Research, The Freedom To Be Creative with our Minds with Infinite Imagination & Intelligence!


Send your comments if you have some links you think I would be interested in listing here or if you have a testimonial you would like to share. If you give me permission I will post your testimonial right here on this page. Send you ideas to

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2003 United States Teacher of the Year John Taylor Gatto

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